Check Out Latest Vegan News on This Week’s Our Hen House Podcast

OHH logoWe’re thrilled to announce that our founder, Hannah Sentenac, is the featured interview on today’s edition of the illustrious Our Hen House podcast! It was a total honor for Hannah to chat with Jasmin and Mariann about all things LVN and staying positive as a vegan advocate. If you’re not familiar with these lovely Hens, you should be!

The podcast is awesome from beginning to end! The Hens also discuss Elephant Appreciation Day with Alessandra Seiter (of the blog Chickpeas and Change); introduce their new video about LGBT advocates and veganism (Coming Out for Animals); sing the praises of vegan bacon and lots more.

Click on the link below to listen! (You can also listen directly on iTunes, if you prefer:

Episode 297: Hannah Sentenac & Elephant Appreciation Day


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