‘Real Vegan Cheese’ Lab Raises $30K to Bring Science to the Masses

counter-culture-labsCounter Culture Labs in Oakland, Calif., is like the Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory of science labs–this open research space is dedicated to freewheeling science experiments and “biohacking” just about anything (food included) in the name of innovation and curiosity.

The organization’s greater mission is to make science, especially biotechnology, available to the wider public and help citizen scientists do high-level experimentation independent of universities and biotech firms.

Since opening last summer, Counter Culture labs has launched a number of fascinating projects, but perhaps none is more amazing than its mission to create real vegan cheese using yeast enzymes instead of cow’s milk, which Latest Vegan News reported on in April.

In an effort to grow and spread its unique brand of DIY science, Counter Culture recently launched a Kickstarter to expand their lab. The team hit its goal and raised more than $30,000. With the additional funds, the team members plan to greatly increase their lab space, upgrade or acquire new equipment, and cover memberships for young scientists who wish to come to their lab for research.

In exchange for donations, they’re giving out some pretty awesome gifts including a 3-D model of chymosin on a necklace (according to them, chymosin is an important enzyme in cheese production), an official biohacker lab coat, real DNA in a vial, and other goodies that only science geeks could love.

So if you support Counter Culture’s mission to make serious science experimentation available to all, are a homemade biohacker yourself, or live in the Oakland area and (hopefully!) want to learn how to make vegan cheese, check out their fundraising page. The campaign ends tomorrow (June 11).

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Janay Laing

Janay is a proud Starbucks and peanut butter smoothie addict who loves nature walks, collecting vintage magazines and listening to Beatle Brunch. She believes in positive vegan activism and is so thrilled to be a part of a movement that is changing the world. Janay started The Vegan Pages in 2014 to help vegan businesses and professionals find and connect with each other. She can be reached at jlaing2213@gmail.com.

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