Report: Jon Stewart to Start Animal Sanctuary in New Jersey

Jon Stewart seems to get more and more committed to animal advocacy as time goes on. From periodic rants on The Daily Show about the cruelty of animal agriculture, to marrying a vegan vet, to adopting several rescued pit bulls and shelter cats, the list of his gestures of support for animals is starting to get really long.

Now, add the founding of an animal sanctuary to that lengthy list. According to Ecorazzi, Jon and his wife Tracey recently purchased a farm in the great state of New Jersey to house farmed animals rescued from the difficulties of a factory-farmed life. This announcement comes quickly on the heels of Stewart’s interview with Farm Sanctuary founder and president, Gene Baur, who appeared on The Daily Show to promote his latest book, “Living the Farm Sanctuary Life”.

Tracey frequently visits Farm Sanctuary locations with her kids, and said in a recent press release “A trip to Farm Sanctuary should be on everyone’s to-do list”, to experience the delights of relating to farmed animals as friends, not food, with their distinct personalities and quirks. Of course, the sincerest form of flattery is imitation.

Here at Latest Vegan News, we can’t wait to visit the future sanctuary, and will let you know as soon as it opens. Who knows, maybe next on Jon’s animal advocacy to-do list is to go fully vegan?! A petition on petitioning him to go vegan was, well, closed.

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Jessica Juliet Spain

Jessica Juliet Spain

A green-living advocate and former globetrotter, Jessica Spain is all about sharing the joys of a vegan diet through awareness and education by tabling at health fairs, handing out leaflets at colleges or concerts, and collaborating with groups like the Humane League and EarthSave. Based in Miami, after stints in Brooklyn, India, East Africa, and LA, her free time is spent doting on her two plucker parrots and a former street pup, yoga, and composting in her fruit-filled backyard garden. Jessica goes for chia seed or chocolate avocado pudding and educating new vegans—because what’s more rewarding than that?

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