Vegan Marketing Agency Scout 22 Launches Out of LA

With new companies and products popping up on the daily and evidence piling up in favor of a plant-based diet, it’s clear that the vegan scene is on the ups. That’s why Scout 22, a new, full-service vegan marketing, advertising and PR agency, gets the gold star for perfect timing.

scout-22The Los Angeles-based company is all about partnering with brands who are making a positive contribution to Planet Earth.

Led by marketing and advertising whiz Lori Turner, she and her all star-team (in their words: “hard-working, strategy-building, right-brained, left-brained, techies, Boomers, Gen-Xers, Millenials, creative-loving, results-driven, ethically-propelled, coffee-chugging, tofu-eating, marketing, advertising and PR dreamers and doers”) are hitting the ground running, ready to meet the needs of plant-based businesses worldwide.

This is a new area, so there aren’t many marketing orgs out there that cater to this business niche. With the rapidity that vegan and plant-based companies are hitting the market, however, there’s a growing need for expertise in this arena.

For more info on Scout 22’s full lineup of services, check out their website, Facebook and Twitter.

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