Top Snooker Player Praises Vegan Diet

Neil Robertson is a World Champion snooker player who, thanks to a vegan diet, is no longer behind the eight ball.

Snooker is a twist on the game of pool/billiards, and it’s a popular spectator sport in Europe. Robertson recently credited a healthy vegan diet with improving his concentration and physical endurance during games.

Inspired to go vegan by fellow snooker player Peter Ebdon, Robertson told the BBC that plant-based eating has greatly increased his energy levels. “I used to feel very tired during tournaments” he tells the BBC, but is now “able to practice an awful lot more without getting tired.”

His success with veganism has gotten the attention of other players, who are reported to be monitoring his performance with a mind to adopting the diet themselves. If that’s the case, fans of snooker will not only be seeing green tables, but lots of green juice as well.

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Janay Laing

Janay is a proud Starbucks and peanut butter smoothie addict who loves nature walks, collecting vintage magazines and listening to Beatle Brunch. She believes in positive vegan activism and is so thrilled to be a part of a movement that is changing the world. Janay started The Vegan Pages in 2014 to help vegan businesses and professionals find and connect with each other. She can be reached at

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