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In our recipes section, you’ll find delicious vegan meals made with all the good stuff. Protein-rich whole grains, beans, nuts and fruits. Everything you need to make you healthy and happy.

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Our news section covers everything that is happening in the world of vegan living. If it is interesting and its vegan we will cover that here. Check out the comments to add your own views too.

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Healthy eating is a lifestyle choice. However, for a content mind, body and soul it takes more than just being happy with what’s on your plate.

In our health & happiness section we cover other ways in which we can be become in tune with ourselves and those around us.




Wheatgrass Juice

In this article we have gone all out to bring you the definitive guide to wheatgrass.

Whether you’re looking to explore the benefits of wheatgrass powder, or maybe thinking about juicing your own healthy beverage each day, you’ll find everything you need here.


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