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Some excellent news to come out of New York this week. The Senate has passed a groundbreaking bill in an attempt to offer vegans an option within hospitals throughout the entire state.

It is so refreshing to see law makers batting on the side of vegan interests.

Bill S1471—introduced by Senator Brad Hoylman and Assembly Member Richard Gottfried is designed to make it compulsory for New York hospitals to have plant-based meals and snacks available to patients.

Relevant hospitals will be required to list the vegan options on all written materials and menus.

As stated by the Director of Nutrition Education for the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine, Susan Levin, MS, RD,

“The New York Senate’s passage of S1471 is an important step that could soon help hospital patients across the state understand the power of a plant-based diet to fight obesity, diabetes, and heart disease,”

This move just highlights the momentum behind the general acceptance of genuine vegan needs. Just last September (2018), California passed similar legislation to that which New York is promoting today.

In CA, hospitals, prisons, nursing homes, and other state facilities are now required to provide at least one plant-based meal option daily.

It is likely that more states will follow this lead. In 2017, the American Medical Association issued a resolution to encourage all hospitals across the U.S to provide plant based meal options. Whether the patient is vegan or otherwise, the move has been made in an attempt to improve the health of patients and staff.

Also in 2018, we witnessed positive moves from vegan Brooklyn Borough President Eric L. Adams.

During his tenure he has worked closely with New York City health officials to launch The Plant-Based Lifestyle Medicine Program at medical system NYC Health + Hospitals/Bellevue.

This focuses the benefits of vegan diet and nutrition in place of prescription medication to treat and prevent illness. Progess that us here at, cannot help but get excited about.

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