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Its been at least 2 years since I introduced wheatgrass juice powder to my family, and I am so glad I did. It is now part of our daily routine to have a shake or smoothy when the kids get back from school and we chat about their day.

It’s the ideal energy boost, and I am happy for that little time that we spend together before they rush off up to their bedrooms or outside to see their friends.

While I certainly have my favorites when it comes to wheatgrass juices, (ahem there’s a top pick below after all); I have tried a number of powders over the years and for this review roundup, I have selected some of the best.

For my findings in brief, just head to the table below. For an in-depth review of each of these products, plus a detailed buyers guide keep on reading.

Top 5 Best Wheatgrass Juice Powders

Dr. Berg's Wheat Grass
Juice Powder
(5.3 oz/Pack)
Dynamic Greens
Wheatgrass Juice
Field Grown/Flash Frozen
Terrasoul Superfoods
Organic Wheat Grass
Juice Powder
(5 Ounces/USA Grown)
Sustainably US Grown
Organic Wheat Grass
Powder (8 Ounce)
Pure Synergy
Organic Wheat Grass
Juice Powder (5.3 oz)

Wheatgrass Juice Powder Reviews

I have selected the following wheatgrass juice powders based on my own experiences with trying out what’s available, as well as nutritional content, growth and harvesting procedures as well as value for money.

Let’s take a closer look.

1. TOP PICK: Dr. Berg’s Wheat Grass Juice Powder – (5.3 oz/Pack)

Our number one Wheat Grass Juice Powder for 2021 is the raw, ultra-concentrated 5.3 oz pack from Dr. Berg.

This gluten-free, non-GMO wheatgrass juice powder package provides 60 servings at an extremely good price.

And it is important to recognize the difference you are getting with this product. Being wheatgrass JUICE powder means Dr. Berg’s contains more nutrients than normal wheatgrass powder supplements.

To create this juice powder, they actually freeze-drying the wheatgrass in a process called BioActive Dehydration. Essentially this means the powder actually retains the natural qualities of fresh juice.

When you reconstitute the powder with water at home, the liquid you drink is near identical to having freshly squeezed juice straight from the source.

Amazingly, there is no degradation of color, flavor, and aroma. More importantly, the enzyme and nutritional benefits remain the same.

A superior process of planting and harvesting is also used in the creation of Dr. Berg’s Wheat Grass Juice Powder.

In order to produce the highest quality product, strict timings are adhered to. The wheatgrass is planted and harvest so that the overall growth duration leads to peak nutritional content.

Furthermore, the wheatgrass is grown in the rich soils of the Utah West Desert. This land was once an ancient seabed and full of rare trace minerals and nutrients that end up in your wheatgrass juice drink.

And let’s talk about those nutrients for a moment. A healthy glass of Dr. Berg’s wheatgrass juice contains high concentrations of nutrients, trace minerals, 20 amino acids chlorophyll, vitamins, and natural enzymes.

There are no insoluble fibers, carriers or additives at all in this powder.

So it wins on all aspects of nutritional value, harvesting environment, and price point. That leaves one important question to answer; what about the taste?

Here I am pleased to report that drinking Dr. Berg’s is very far removed from the grass clippings flavor you can get from lesser quality wheatgrass powders.

Here, the all-natural taste is rich and smooth in flavor and provides a wonderful boost of energy and a nutritional blast to help you feel great.

And finally, the team at Dr. Berg’s are so confident that you will enjoy their juice powder, they offer a 30-day money-back guarantee with no exceptions. You do not even need to return the product back for this to apply.

Pros of the Dr. Berg's Wheat Grass Juice Powder
  • Wheat Grass JUICE Powder – a process of BioActive Dehydration keeps all the essential nutrients in place.
  • High Concentration – 1tsp = 14 shots of 100% pure raw wheatgrass juice
  • Grown on Ancient Sea Beds Enhancing Trace Mineral Absorption – Non-GMO and No gluten
  • Contains trace minerals, 20 amino acids, nutrients, chlorophyll, and many vitamins
  • No insoluble fibers, carriers or additives.
  • Rich and smooth, healthy flavor
  • 30-day money-back guarantee (NO EXCEPTIONS. There is no need to return the product)
The Cons
  • No scoop provided in the tub
  • You need to give it a good stir if using just with water as you will get nasty lumps otherwise.

Bottom Line

It is very difficult to fault Dr. Berg’s wheatgrass juice powder. This is an all-round superior product, from nutritional content, harvesting process, price point, flavor and customer service, these guys have nailed it.

Our number 1 choice for 2021 for very good reason.

2. Dynamic Greens Wheatgrass Juice – Field Grown/Flash Frozen

If you’re looking for a quality wheatgrass juice delivered to your door without being in powder form, this offering from Dynamic Greens could well be the answer for you.

This 100% unpasteurized wheatgrass juice is made from sustainably farmed, field-grown grasses. As you would expect from a healthy wheatgrass product it comes from non-GMO heirloom seed and is grown in the absence of all herbicides and pesticides.

This makes it a perfect juice for vegans and is tested for quality, gluten-free compliance, and food safety.

The history of this wheatgrass product from Dynamic Greens is interesting. It is sourced from one particular farmer directly, having been grown and made at the Stem Family Farm since 1972.

The family stand by their product and strict quality control measures are adhered to during its harvest and manufacture. This all originates from the field-grown nature of the wheatgrass.

Benefits of Field grown wheatgrass vs greenhouse-grown wheatgrass:
  • 6 x deeper root system
  • 10 x longer growth cycle
  • 50% higher chlorophyll levels
  • Zero simple sugars (in the outdoor plant, they convert to complex carbohydrates)
  • Superior nutrition due to higher phytonutrient levels
  • Absolutely no wheatgrass mold problems

They also flash freeze the juice to slow down molecular activity. This helps preserve the nutritional content while preventing harmful pathogens from growing.

Being a wheatgrass Juice you can also expect the drink to be packed with nutritional benefits, It is high in enzymes, amino acids, colloidal minerals, living organic nutrition and devoid of fiber.

Essentially, Dynamic Greens wheatgrass juice benefits from being a totally raw, living and biologically active food. What more could you ask for?

Note: Because the product is designed to be frozen, dealing with the pack that each shot comes from can be awkward. You need to be careful when opening and have means to store the unused juice blocks (in a freezer ziplock bag for instance) so they do not thaw.

Pros of Dynamic Greens Wheatgrass Juice
  • High quality, 100% unpasteurized wheatgrass juice made from field-grown grasses
  • Sustainably farmed using non-GMO heirloom seed.
  • No herbicides or pesticides used during farming (Completely vegan-friendly)
  • Lab test passed for gluten-free compliance and food safety
  • Farmer direct: Made at the Stem Family Farm since 1972
The Cons
  • The frozen packaging system can be awkward if you do not follow the instructions closely
  • Takes a while for you to feel the energy boost benefits

Bottom Line

Overall, Dynamic Greens wheatgrass juice is a top quality product with an interesting history. Made at the same family farm since 1972, the decade of expertise that goes into the harvest and manufacture of this juice is very apparent.

Packed full of the goodness we have come to expect, if you are looking to purchase your wheatgrass in flash-freezed juice form, you need search no longer.

3. Terrasoul Superfoods Organic Wheat Grass Juice Powder (5 Ounces/USA Grown)

The Terrasoul Superfoods Organic wheatgrass juice powder is another product that can makde the important distinction of being a powder version of the juice extract, rather than simply being powdered wheatgrass.

The benefits are all in the high level of concentration, and superior nutritional content.

The finished product is, of course, 100% Certified Organic, as well as being non-GMO, completely vegan and non-irradiated.

As with all of the wheatgrass powders in our top 5, this is fully grown, harvested and packaged in the USA.

Rich in vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and alkalizing nutrients, the juice powder is an important blood builder and cleanser.

Similar to our top pick from Dr. Berg, the wheatgrass used in Terrasoul is grown in Utah’s west desert to benefit from the richness of the soil.

A BioActive Dehydration drying process is also used in order to maintain the high nutritional content of the grass.

It is important to note that is Terrasoul Superfoods are one of the largest wholesale suppliers of organic superfoods in the U.S. They work in close partnership with their supplier farms in order to maintain a high-quality output of products.

Pros of the Terrasoul Superfoods Organic Wheat Grass Juice Powder
  • Concentrated Wheat Grass Juice Powder is grown and packaged in the USA
  • grown in Utah’s west desert to benefit from the richness of the soil.
  • BioActive Dehydration drying process to maintain nutritional integrity
  • 100% Certified Organic, using non-GMO seeds. Non-irradiated and raw
The Cons
  • Clumping issues when mixed with water, (especially towards the end of the pack).
  • The zip bag provided is not very good.

Bottom Line

Terrasoul Superfoods Organic Wheat Grass Juice Powder is another worthy addition to our top 5. USA based wheatgrass grown in exceptional conditions and processed accordingly, this is a nutritional juice powder that you will truly benefit from.

Narrowly misses out to Dr. Bergs for our top spot.

4. Sustainably US Grown, Organic Wheat Grass Powder (8 Ounce/75 Servings)

Our first strict wheat grass powder is this US grown organic option. As is the prerequisite to make our top 5, the product is Vegan Friendly and contains No GMOs, no additives, no preservatives or artificial colors and flavors. It is also gluten-free.

While not as concentrated as a juice extract equivalent, this powder is still loaded in vitamins A, vitamin B2, vitamin B12, vitamin C, E, l and K and a whole selection of nutrients.

The powder is also rich in chlorophyll, fatty acids, essential amino acids, and flavonoids. You’ll also find a bunch of minerals and protein in there too.

The powder also has antioxidant qualities making it good for those seeking better colon and stomach health.

It is recommended that you use the powder to make a nutrient-dense shake or smoothy, (using the scoops provided to ensure that you use the correct amount). You can do this once per day for a top-quality, healthy boost.

Pros of the Sustainably US Grown, Organic Wheat Grass Powder
  • US Grown Organic Wheat Grass Powder, (vegan-friendly).
  • Rich in minerals and vitamins and a substantial source of protein.
  • Antioxidant properties for better heart, stomach, and colon.
  • No GMOs, additives, preservatives or fillers.
  • No artificial colors, flavors or Soy (gluten-free).
The Cons
  • Issues with the resealable bag, (maybe that’s just me, however)
  • Taste was a little harsher than the juice-based powders

Bottom Line

The first of our strict, wheatgrass powders this can be used as an effective addition to smoothy and shakes for the obvious health benefits.

While not as concentrated as other products in our list, this is a convenient way of adding wheatgrass nutrients to your diet.

5. Pure Synergy USDA Organic Wheat Grass Juice Powder (5.3 oz)

The Pure Synergy USDA Organic Wheat Grass Juice Powder is another quality way of adding the nutritional benefits of wheatgrass into your daily routine.

This certified organic pure juice powder can be used to make smoothies, juice drinks or completely solo just by adding a little water.

We have described the health benefits throughout this review roundup, and nothing is amiss here. Pure Synergy is rich in all the normal nutrients, amino acids, chlorophyll, enzymes and vitamins.

It is also a good source of plant-based protein (25-35% by weight), all of which will help kick start healthy metabolic function.

Planting and harvesting are all conducted in the USA. In fact, a dedicated 200+ acre organic farm is used for the growth of this product.

Pure Synergy USDA Organic Wheat Grass Juice Powder

The packaging utilizes a patented CO2 low-temperature drying process. The wheatgrass is cold-pressed to create the juice and a cold-milling method is conducted in order to retain full enzyme and chlorophyll amounts in the finished powder.

No Fillers, Preservatives or Sweeteners are added at any point. In fact, this is a non-GMO, vegan-friendly, allergen-free juice powder fit for the entire family. (Did we mention it is gluten-free too?)

Pros of the Pure Synergy USDA Organic Wheat Grass Juice Powder
  • Certified organic pure juice powder made in the USA
  • No Fillers, Preservatives or Sweeteners – non-GMO, vegan, allergen-free
  • Rich source of plant-based protein (25-35% by weight)
  • USA-grown on a dedicated 200+ acre organic farm (Patented CO2 low-temperature drying and extraction)
The Cons
  • Very strong flavor
  • Some customers have complained that they didn’t get 60 servings (I didn’t count during my own use)

Bottom Line

Another great Organic Wheat Grass Juice Powder that you can use to add the nutritional benefits of wheatgrass to yours and your family diet.

Affordable and convenient and packed full of organic goodness, what more could you need.

The Benefits of Wheatgrass Juice Powder

Adding natural organic wheatgrass to your diet is a number of benefits.

And while the taste takes a little time to get accustomed to, knowing the health benefits will help you get past that initial ‘this tastes a bit like weeds’ opinion that can put many first-timers off.

We shall take a closer look at the nutritional aspect of wheatgrass juice shortly, however, let’s be clear the antioxidant properties are one of the major reasons to stick to drinking wheatgrass juice as regularly as you can.

Antioxidant Properties

When you consume foods containing antioxidants you are helping to combat the effects of free radicals particles within your body.

The same free radicals that have been closely connected to the onset of cancer, cell death and accelerated aging.

Every time you drink a wheatgrass juice-based beverage you are helping your body against this ongoing battle.

Furthermore, the antioxidants found within wheatgrass can help to reduce inflammation that is known to exacerbate diabetes and degenerative brain diseases.

It really is a superfood!

Insulin Control

If you are in a position where blood sugar control is important, wheatgrass can also help you there too.

Research has been conducted supporting the notion that wheatgrass can help control insulin levels in those with diabetes.

The aforementioned problem of inflammation is relevant here. By helping reduce this, wheatgrass has become a promising weight-loss diet supplement due to its ability to manage carbohydrate processing within the body.

Anti-Infection Properties

The list of benefits continues. Believe it or not, but adding wheatgrass to your diet could boost your body’s immune system.

This is due to the anti-infection properties prevalent within wheatgrass juice.

Research shows that this superfood has been helpful in the treatment of antibiotic-resistant infections. It has allowed subjects to avoid taking strong antibiotics for minor infections.

The high fiber content of wheatgrass is also good for the digestive system. Many studies have shown conclusively that optimum bowel health and movement helps to reduce the risk of GI-tract illness/injuries.

All that wonderful nutrition
  • Ultra low-calorie content
  • High source of plant-based protein
  • High in organic fiber
  • The high essential amino acid content
  • Superior per milligram ratio weight micronutrients and phytochemicals content
  • Hi in vitamins: A, C, E, K, and B6
  • High essential mineral content

Wheatgrass. Too Good to be true. Any Risks?

So what’s the catch, all of these benefits. There has to be some risks associated with the daily intake of wheatgrass supplements.

In fact, none have been found. The minority of individuals that are allergic to grasses and other forms of similar vegetation should obviously steer clear.

Some people that try it for the first time can find the flavor off-putting. Also, when not mixed correctly the lumpiness of the liquid isn’t pleasant.

Take too much when you first begin introducing wheatgrass into your diet and you may also suffer from constipation. This is due to the high fiber content that your body may not be used to.

One issue that is not so much the problem with the superfood, but in the way it has been prepared is the small risk of raw forms of wheatgrass being contaminated with mold or bacteria.

The 5 products reviewed above all have stringent practices in place to avoid this. However, the way you store it (either not properly sealed or in a damp environment) could have an impact on the powder.

Essentially, the benefits of using wheatgrass far outweigh the risks.

How to Use Wheatgrass Powder

Wheatgrass can be introduced into your diet in many different ways. The best way for powdered form as we have discussed here is with water or as part of a multiple juice drink or smoothy.

Because the taste is quite strong, as part of a drink with other juices is a popular way of using wheatgrass.

A top tip here is to experiment with additional flavors that compliment (or maybe even hide) the grass-like taste of wheatgrass.

Vanilla whey is a recommended method, as is adding sharp citrus flavors. These will reduce the onslaught of wheatgrass flavor that many people find off-putting.

In fact, for some the taste is so strong they opt for capsule form instead. That way the wheatgrass can be swallowed without any flavor at all.

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